The advent of contact lenses has provided many conveniences in life. Then unlike glasses, contact lenses are more invasive because they need to be worn carefully, so you need to learn how to put them on and take them out.  For those who are using them for the first time, it's a somewhat complicated learning process. Some people never learn how to use contacts in the best way to avoid causing discomfort or lens damage, so they end up giving up on them. Fortunately, if you know the right way to do it, this shouldn't be the case. In conclusion, it's important to have the right contact lens knowledge when getting your first prescription; it's not hard to make your contact lens experience more comfortable.

Here's what you need to know about contact lenses to ensure you have a better experience

How do Beginners put on contact lenses?

1.Wash your hands with soap and dry them.

2.Place the lens on the tip of your index or middle finger of your dominant hand.Rinse the lens with contact solution.

3.Check that the lens isn’t damaged and make sure it’s right side up. The edge of the lens should form a bowl. If it’s inside out, carefully flip the lens.

4.Hold your upper eyelid open with your pointer or middle finger of your non-dominant hand. Hold your lower eyelid with your middle or ring finger of your dominant hand.

5.Using a magnifying mirror, try to look forward, or up if you can’t look straight ahead. Place the lens in your eye.

6.Close your eyes slowly and let the lens settle into place. The lens should feel comfortable and you should see clearly. If not, take it out, rinse with the solution, and try again.


How do you remove contact lenses easily?

  • Using your non-dominant hand, pull up on your upper eyelid with your forefinger and middle finger.

  •  Simultaneously pull down on your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your dominant hand.

  •  Using your dominant hand’s index finger, slide the contact lens slightly down towards the right. Some contact lens wearers find it’s easier to stare upwards and slide their contact straight down. Of course, as you get more comfortable taking out your contacts, feel free to modify these general rules to suit your preferences.

  •  Grab the lens by pinching it with your thumb and index fingers.

  •  If you’re using a long-term lens, wash it with disinfectant solution and place inside your lens case that has been freshly refilled with solution.  


Just be sure never to rinse your eyes or contacts with tap water. It’s extremely easy for harmful waterborne microorganisms to attach themselves to contact lenses.