About Products:

Why choose 2DADOLL contact lenses?

Our lenses are FDA-approved and CE and ISO certified. All lenses maintain a water content of 38%-42%, which is the most suitable water content for the eyes so that the eyes remain moist and non-dry for a long time. Our model eye chart did not make any changes and adjustments, the actual lens chart and the model's eye chart is 99% identity, do not worry about color difference or fake eyes. Variety of options, no similar styles, to avoid creating a difficult choice for you.



How do I submit my prescription?

You can select power at the product detail page or before clicking "Add to cart".


How do I obtain a prescription?

The easiest and most trusted way to obtain your prescription is to see your local optometrist. Please be sure the prescription you have is for contact lenses! You are responsible for ensuring that you select the correct power for your eyes as prescribed by your doctor or lens care professional.

If you have any problems while entering the prescription, kindly contact us at official@2dadoll.com


How to put in contact lenses?

Step 1: Take the lens out from the packet gently after washing and drying your hands. Then make sure you are holding the correct side of the lens.

Step 2: Hold up your upper eyelid and pull down your lower lid, then use the index finger to gently place the lens.

Step 3: Look up and down, left and right after putting the lens in so that it will settle into place, then close your eye in a while.


How to remove contact lenses?

Step 1: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes.

Step 2 Use your clean hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid, then pull up your upper eyelid.

Step 3:Using your index finger and thumb to pinch the lens gently.

Step 4:Look up and slide the lens down gently so that the lens will be kept in your eye, then pinch it off onto your finger.



When will I get my order?

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours (except holidays).

Worldwide Shipping(7-11 working days to most countries), FREE SHIPPING over $25

You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number once it is shipped

For more information, please check our Shipping Policy



What is your return policy?

 If you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us via official@2dadoll.com for return validation within 7 days after delivery. Please check the details on our Return Policy page



How do I know if the lens color fits me or not?

 We add many real-life photos and portrait pictures on our website and provide product details with a guide for your reference. Please check and read carefully to ensure the fit before payment.


 Payments & Codes


We now accept payments from PayPal, and debit/credit card. We will also be offering some coupon codes which will save you considerable dollars. Watch for our subscription newsletter.

How do I apply the coupon code?

A box labeled "Use a coupon or redeem a gift card" can be found near your order total. Please enter the code and click the Apply button. The discount will be applied to your balance due.


Collaboration Inquiries

For any kinds of marketing inquiries and related cooperation, kindly contact us at official@2dadoll.com. We would love to hear from you.