For people who are wearing contacts for the first time, their eyes can be a little sensitive and uncomfortable, so we need to find the right way to wear them.(how to wear contact lenses)and the advice from 2DADOLL's professional optometrists is that before wearing contacts, we need to make sure we keep our hands clean, and the lenses need to be soaked in care solution for 8 hours before wearing them, which will reduce the irritation of the lenses on the eyes.

How do we choose the best lenses for the first time we wear contacts? First understand your eye prescription, if it is normal vision, then your choice is simple, if you need prescription lenses, please reduce 50 degrees on top of that according to your prescription, (e.g. -2.50 ,choose -2.00),In terms of lens diameter size, we should choose a lens between 13.8-14.2 for the first time, the diameter of the lens is too large for the first wear will have a strong sense of discomfort, to avoid discomfort, we should choose a normal diameter contacts, more comfortable to wear.


As a first time wearer, you will almost definitely be fitted with soft contact lenses, these are by far the most comfortable, easiest and quickest to get use to and healthiest options, that probably helps explains why 87% of contact lens fitted around the world are soft lenses and a huge 97% of UK contact lens wearers.


2DADOLL's lenses do a very good job in product safety, all lenses are FDA approved, the brand has a very high sense of safety, protecting the eyes is our responsibility.


2DADOLL's contact lenses are made with the world's leading technology,The water content of the lenses is 38%, which is the most suitable water content for human eyes, so that the eyes can stay moist for up to 8 hours without drying out,and the lenses contain sun protection technology for outdoor sports or beach vacation wearers, and the lenses have the effect of preventing UV damage to the eyes.


2DADOLL brand insists on selling short-cycle lenses.6 months short cycle lenses, the lenses are more hygienic to avoid eye infections, the lenses are made of thinner material and more comfortable to wear.


If you have never worn contacts, for the first time do not know how to choose, see this, may wish to consider choosing to try 2DADOLL contacts to wear, I hope the above sharing can help you, from 2dadoll professional eye doctor advice.

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